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SFPL-represented panels at Dragon Con

IT’S HERE!!!! Dragon Con officially kicked off this evening in Downtown Atlanta. This is the first year that I can remember there being programming on Thursday night, but I don’t think anyone is complaining. Tomorrow is my first official day at the convention, and I will be presenting on not one, not two, but THREE panels tomorrow! If you are coming to Dragon Con and are a listener of the show, please make sure to find me during the weekend to say hello! Here’s a…

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Sci-Fi Party Line goes back to Dragon Con

Dragon Con is just over TWO WEEKS AWAY and I am starting to feel excited. Once again, I will get to represent Sci-Fi Party Line as media. I will also be sitting on a few panels and for the first time, I get to be a judge for a costume contest! Bring it on! As of right now, I will be sitting on two panels each from the American SF & Fantasy Media and YA Lit Tracks. This is the information I have so far;…

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Dragon Con guest announcements: The 100

Dragon Con has been making quite a few guest announcements over the past couple of weeks, and most of them feature one or more cast members from various shows. Today’s announcements feature three members of the cast of The CW’s sci-fi/dystopian series The 100: Jarod Joseph, Sachin Sahel and Lindsey Morgan. The 100 began as a show about survivors who lived on a space station after Earth’s atmosphere was destroyed by a series of nuclear bombs. Now that the space station survivors are back on Earth,…

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