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Sci-Fi Party Line #195 #DragonCon 2014 [Day One] (Podcast)

CAT, CARL, AND STEPHANIE FINALLY MEET EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME! Click here to listen! http://scifipartyline.com/2014/09/sci-fi-party-party-195-dragoncon-2014-day-one/ We talk about pushy porters, the Atlanta HEAT – the actual heat, the Once Upon Time/ High Velocity sign debacle, the Jeri Ryan panel in which Carl drooled all over his microphone, how awesome Garrett Wang is #poorharry, Carl meets Ron Glass, Phonegate (with high praise of Apple for the Find My iPhone feature), and more. Kai (@yogikai) joins us mid podcast and tells us her about her Dragon*Con…

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Borg Reunion at #DragonCon 2014 | @scifipartyline

The Borg Reunion with Jeri Ryan, Garrett Wang, and Johnathan Del Arco with video and photos.

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