The SFPL Dragon returns

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*crawls out of hiding*

If you didn’t already know, writer’s block is a bitch.

It’s a funny thing to consider yourself a writer, but being unable to write. Aside from the one post earlier this year at the passing of Richard Hatch, I have not touched a blog since before last year’s Dragon Con. Writing has always been a source of comfort and refuge for me, but the past 12 months? Nope. Even now, I am struggling just to get this small little post out, but I know that once I do I can get out of this writer’s purgatory I’ve been in and get back to having fun with my words.

With that being said, let me apologize to the SFPL followers that I may have disappointed with my lack of coverage of last year’s Dragon Con. I had a great time and had planned to share my many tales, but unfortunately I suffered a major loss the day after the con with the loss of one of my best friends to cancer. For a long time, the two events were linked in my mind and while it was easy to speak about Dragon Con, writing about it was harder because writing is so much more personal for me. I needed time to grieve and process so that I could be ready to give it my all this year. I am ready, and hope that you are, too.

I will be posting quite a bit in the next few days about the event and what to expect: the guest list is fabulous, the parade route has been set, and oh yeah – Dragon Con is offering a streaming membership this year so that you can be at Dragon Con without being at Dragon Con. Keep a look out in the next few days for all the deets.

Thanks for sticking with the party. Now, let’s have some fun! :)

Hanako @fandomhybrid

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