About Us

The Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast has been around for over 5 years and despite our longevity, few of us have ever met each other. This year, all of that changes.

This is the year that Dragon*Con will be assaulted with hosts, correspondents, and fans of our podcast. We will eat, drink, be merry, and report, with glee, all events leading up to and during the 2014 Dragon*Con convention.


Cat – Resident costuming and wardrobe expert. Laziest blogger ever. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace apologist only because of Liam Neeson. Has a hard time focusing if a hot guy has on a shirt (or is shirtless). No one is really sure she exists so everyone is forcing her to come to Dragon*Con to confirm she is not an A.I.

Carl – Resident robotics expert and Heroes apologist. He loves to hate bad science fiction but still watches it. He is known for being cranky and shaking his adamantium cane at younger science fiction fans demanding that they disembark from his astroturf. Has been to Dragon*Con several times and has dressed up as a Ghostbuster and a Man In Black. He claims to be broke this year & won’t be attending. No one has forgiven him for it.

NiNi – Resident psychologist, “bored” gamer, and horror expert. 1/2 of WTFangirls. Apollo 18 apologist. Stephanie, aka NiNi, is known for punishing Cat with terrible films. She has never forgiven Cat for making her watch Birdemic. Slowing evolving into Portlandis Hipstera. Her hair will always look cooler than yours.

Eric – Resident historian, military consultant, and Doctor Who expert. Believes that no other conventions are good enough for him to attend except for Gally1. He has no financial issues but just doesn’t love the SFPL crew as much as he should. We will make him feel guilty about this for the rest of his life.

Hanako – Resident Harry Potter expert and vampiric studies. Raising her kids right; geeky. Dragon*Con veteran and responsible for getting the SFPL crew to go to Dragon*Con this year… kicking and screaming.


Darrell – Resident convention veteran, comic book expert, and Haven apologist. Has a Masters degree in Media Mogulgacity. Involved in at least 574 podcasts all of which are too serious to have anyone from the SFPL crew on them. Like Carl, will not be attending Dragon*Con. Loves spaghetti.

Charles – Resident alcohol enthusiast and BBQ griller. Responsible for the drinks at Dragon*Con. Pretty much the best guy on earth because of this. Bringing his wallet. Likes women in CFM shoes.

Jaimel – Is somehow still excited about the Oakland Raiders. Watches Dallas. Stargate: Universe apologist. Carl’s comrade-in-crankiness.

Kai – Resident Real Geek Girl™. Reads books AND blogs about it. Will undoubtedly regret rooming with loud ass Cat & NiNi at Dragon*Con.

Anthony – The guy whose friend’s girlfriend called the Sci-Fi Party Line hotline claiming Cat stole her man. Let’s thank him for that podcasting gold but, by all means, stay off his page!



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